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Finnish American Reporter


The Finnish American Reporter is a monthly, English-language journal featuring articles and news reports of interest to Finns across North America, in Finland and around the world. Established in 1986, it is the largest and most widely-circulated newspaper for Finns in North America.

The Finnish American Reporter has no political or denominational affiliation and welcomes well-written articles representing any aspect of Finnish culture, politics or religion. The Finnish American Reporter provides national outreach for announcements of Finnish events in the United States and Canada.

Monthly features in the Finnish American Reporter include: columnists, genealogy, history, sports and more. Current news reports from Finland and across North America keep the Finnish community connected, despite great distances.

Numerous FAR subscribers are active supporters of the paper, often by submitting articles, regional news, calendar events and photographs for publication. To join the growing number of participating FAR subscribers, click on the links above.

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